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Exciting news!

Sea Beast is offering a new series of livestream virtual classes. Our talented artists are developing a series of classes across many disciplines, designed to bring joy, creativity, and new skills into the lives of our patrons. So come for the puppetry and stay for the meditation! We are still able to offer a selection of our show favorites upon request so if you are interested in a performance please send us a message through our contact page.


How to Make a Shadow Show: Creature Feature Edition

Course Length: 6 classes 

Option to take individual classes 

Age Range: 13 – Adult


Fantastic Puppets and How To Build Them

Course Length: 4 classes

Option to take individual classes

Age Range: 5 - 12

Self care for website 4.002.jpeg

Double Down on Yourself: Selfcare for the Mind and Body

Course Length: 6 classes

Option to take individual classes

Age Range: 13 - Adult

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