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Fantastic Puppets and How to Build Them

Course Length: 4 Classes (option to take individual classes)

Session A Dates: Tuesdays, 4PM-5PM CT April 6th -April 27th, 2021

Session B Dates: Saturday, 10AM-11AM CT April 17th -May 8th, 2021

Session C Dates: Saturday, 10AM-11AM CT June 12th -July 3rd, 2021

Ages: 5-12

Price: Full Course-$48 (Sibling discount: 30%), Single Class-$15 (Sibling discount: 30%)

Session 3 (2020)

November 17th: Mythical Beasts

November 24th: Creepy Crawlies

December 1st: Robots

December 8th: Outer Space

Do you have a fantastic puppet living under your bed? You don’t?! Well, we can fix that. Come to this build-along workshop and create your own collection of incredible paper puppets.

Participants will chose from a variety of puppet artwork that they can print out and use to assemble their own cast of puppets. Each week we will provide a different theme of original art created by the talented staff of Sea Beast Puppet Company. This craft is great for kids age 5-12, but is fun for everyone!

Course Art Theme List by Date: 

Session 1 (2021)

February 9th: Mythical Beasts

February 16th: Creepy Crawlies

February 23rd: Robots

March 2nd: Outer Space

Session 2 (2021)

April 6th: Mythical Beasts

April 13th: Creepy Crawlies

April 20th: Robots

April 27th: Outer Space

Materials and Tools

Many of the materials and tools you will need are items often found around the house or can be acquired at a local dollar store. Art will be provided by downloadable pdf for each class as needed.

Materials List 

Puppet Making Supplies:

  • downloadable PDF printout

  • poster board  cardstock, or cereal boxes

  • glue sticks

  • 2 bamboo skewers or chopsticks

  • brads (paper fasteners)

  • masking tape or scotch tape


  • hole punch

  • paper scissors

  • crayons, colored pencils, or markers

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