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Double Down on Yourself: Self Care for the Mind and Body

Course Length: 6 classes

Session 1 Dates: Mondays 8:30-PM-9:30PM CT April 12th - May 17th 2021

Session 2 Dates: Mondays 8:30-PM-9:30PM CT May 24th - June 28st 2021

Ages: 13+

Price: Full Course- $72, Single Class-$15 (If there are multiple members of your household participating register together to receive a 30% discount for each additional person. It will show up on your bill as the sibling discount.)

You only get one you so treat yourself right! This class will combine a series of simple stretches, self-massage, restorative yoga poses, and optional aromatherapy designed to battle the physical pains and mental stress that can build up in our daily lives.

Inspired by the increase in sedentary activities that have become a larger part of our lives, this class will give focus to alleviating common strains or tension that develop from excessive sitting and screen time.  Gift yourself a moment of relief by quieting the mind and creating room for relaxation.  


This is a 101 level class so most anyone can attend. Participation is welcomed but not required. Attendees should only do activities they feel physically comfortable with and do so at their own risk. 



If you have yoga equipment please bring a mat, bolster, strap, and 2 bricks (more if you like). If not, please try to have 3-6 pillows or couch cushions, a selection of towels and or blankets, and a clean and comfortable place to lay on the floor. This class is a great way to start the day and an even better way to end it. 

Notes to Parents: This class is not geared to children but children ages 6-12 may attend with parent supervision and kids under 6 free with parent supervision

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