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Presenting “Oddities: A Collection of Curious Puppetry”

Hey friends! As promised, we’re gearing up for our night of shows in March where we’ve invited 2 of our out of town friends to come and perform. Check it out!

Oddities: A Collection of Curious Puppetry

From the psychologically fascinating, to the peculiarly paranormal this collection of 3 works of modern puppet theater is sure to pique your curiosity. Sea Beast Puppet Company is pleased to bring the National Day of Puppetry celebration to Chicago by presenting the works of some of the nation’s most innovative and cutting-edge puppet artists: Madison J. Cripps with “Cripps Puppet Show”, Carole D’Agostino with “The Hoarding Show”, and Sea Beast Puppet Company with “Mefiez-Vous de la Vache Garou (Beware the were-cow!)”. Tickets sold individually or get three for an awesome discount!

Méfiez-Vous de la Vache-Garou! (Beware the Werecow!): Sea Beast Puppet Company- Winner of “Best in Show” at the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival.- 45 min

Join us for a collection of scary stories, creepy comedy and terrifying twists. A young girl goes on a journey of self discovery set in motion by 3 dead men, a foolish hunter meets with retaliation in the dead of night, and a bar is turned upside down by the discovery of a mythical creature; all set in the sticky swamps of Louisiana. Don’t miss the fun, the terror and some harsh acts of puppet on puppet carnage! This production is for mature audiences.

Cripps Puppet Show: Madison J. Cripps-45 min

Madison J. Cripps and his one of a kind marionette variety show hail from Asheville, N.C. Marvel as his unique hand carved marionettes come to life with song, improvised interaction and pun.

The Hoarding Show: Carole D’Agostino- 45 min

Witness the incredible mystery of the Collyer Brothers unfold in film noir shadows! Peer into an elaborate miniature world where a woman is trapped between her past and her future… Get whisked away to a satirical fantasy where hoarding is the best thing ever!

Hoarding touches all of us- it’s a human condition we all possess on some level. Objects, memories, mementos- we all have a way of keeping our dreams alive. However, some among us take it a step beyond what is socially accepted. The Hoarding Show delves into these notions and opens up a world of fascinating psychological exploration.

Dates: March 8th and 9th

Times: Vache Garou 7pm sat, 2pm sun

Cripps: 8:30 pm sat, 3:30 pm sun

Hoarding: 10 pm sat, 5 pm sun

Location: Elastic Arts Foundation

2830 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Pricing: $12 for one ticket, $25 for a ticket to all 3 shows

link for tickets:

link to our facebook event:

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