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National Puppetry Festival: Day 3

Well, at this point i’m pretty dead tired. I managed to last 4 days before cracking open one of my red bulls last night. There’s a pretty great little coffee shop in town that i’ve been frequenting.

In more related news, my chicken lady is coming to fruition.

it took forever to make this thing, I thought I wasn’t going to get to finish, but miraculously I managed to pull it off, much thanks to Fergus J Walsh, the instructor.

here’s another great one done by my new Chicago friend, Stephanie Diaz.

and the rest of the class

Then I saw a beautiful dance/puppet piece called Dreams in the arms of the Binding Lady, a set of Japanese ghost tales all based around dreams and spiders and nonverbal. It was pretty spooky.

We also performed in the slam. which was received fantastically. We played a game called “Job Interview” where 2 teams of people on projectors build and pupeeteer everything for 2 candidate narrators. It’s my favorite Shadow Puppet Conspiracy game. Here’s some of our crew.

Now, I’m off to breakfast, coffee and making the first half of my plaster mold in class!

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