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Sea Beast at LEAF

Hello again Sea Beasters! Long time no post, things have been abuzz here at the studio. We’ll start with the most recent and exciting event…LEAF!

That’s right, Sea Beast represented this year in the Asheville, NC LEAF festival. It’s an arts festival held twice a year and chock full of interesting people, delicious food and excellent performances.

We were invited by our friends Keith Shubert (toybox theater)

and Madison J. Cripps (Cripps Puppets)

They are in charge of all puppet related activities at the festival. Most of the participants camp on site and so we set up camp with the rest of the puppeteers including Tristan and Gary from the Zoot Theatre Company, our friend Carole D’Agostino, and Matt Sandbank, who are all amazing puppeteers from around the country that we never get a chance to see.

We won most creative campsite thanks to Keith’s amazing scarecrows and had a lot of fun show-and-telling our puppets with the rest of the puppeteers. There was lots of guerilla puppetry around the festival, but we also performed in 2 puppet showcases as well as premiering our new show “Tailypo and Other Tales From The Bayou” to rave reviews.

We had about 150 people come to watch the show and they all loved it immensely. It was nice to hear people talk about all the puppetry at the festival with such excitement.

All in all it was a great trip. The nights were pretty cold camping outside, but lots of layers and blankets helped, not to mention the firepit that someone brought the 2nd night. Hopefully we get to go again next year!

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