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Our time at The Nasty, Brutish and Short Puppet Cabaret

Fans of Sea Beast know that this past summer we put together a puppet slam in Chicago called Puppet Meltdown showcasing live puppet shows and puppet videos from across the country. What they might not know is that there is another group of talented puppet people running their own slam in Chicago for local and nearby performers. It’s called The Nasty, Brutish and Short Puppet Cabaret and is held at Links Hall in Chicago.

Sea Beast has represented at the last two performances with two of our smaller and shorter shows: Another Man’s Treasure and Best Day Ever which can be viewed here

Representing the puppetry community this time around were performances by a whole slew of talented performers some of whom we knew and others who we were pleased to meet. It was a fun night of performance, networking and wine and cheese. A big thanks to The Nasty, Brutish and Short Puppet Cabaret for continuing to host this event.

Sea Beast fans should stay tuned for the next Sea Beast Presents: Puppet Meltdown coming summer 2012!

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