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National Puppetry Festival: Day 4

wow. 4 days already and there’s still more to come. Chicken lady is looking good, we did the first part of the mold today. The sculpture is made out of oil based clay and then you lay it up on a bed of WED clay, water based clay and build up to about 1/2 way up your sculpture, then you pour the plaster on top.

the rest of my class did amazing stuff as well and I can’t wait to see them cast.

Today’s awesome show was Billy The Liar done by our friends Madison and Keith. We’re in love with their set up and how all the puppets fold up into a wooden box that doubles as the stage.

We also performed “The History of Light” tonight at the Fringe festival here and got lots of compliments. The barista guy I met the first day of the festival in the coffee shop even showed up to watch the show!

Tomorrow I finish my mold, Kat teaches a Shadow Puppet Conspiracy workshop and we see more puppet shows.

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