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National Puppetry Festival: Day 1

Today went well despite the crazy busy schedule. We teched our show, got to eat and then performed with our friends Jenelle and Brad to much acclaim. We saw some really great puppeteers tonight as part of the opening ceremony, David Stephens from All Hands Productions did some great banjo tunes with and without the aid of puppets, Phil Huber performed an amazing marionette piece, and Jon Ludwig gave a really interesting keynote speech to the crowd.

Here are some photos of us setting up for the show.

Mary Kate also set up an instagram account for the company, a foresight that was brought to our attention by Allie, the coolest stage manager ever, when she asked to follow us on instagram. Here are some Harry Potter-esque greenhouse shots MK took today while tooling around campus.

Tomorrow starts our first day of workshops and shows. We’re excited!

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