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Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Puppetry + Electronics= Amazing

Full Course Length: 6 classes

Session 1 Dates: Thursdays, 7-9PM CT, April 15th- May 20th

Session 2 Dates: Thursdays, 7-9PM CT, May 27th- July 1


Ages: 15+

Price: $150

Individual Projects: 1 or 2 classes each. Each Project in the class can be taken on its own.


You must sign up at least 1 week prior to class starting to 


receive your kit on time.

Calling all makers, this online class is for you! Join Sea Beast and discover how to integrate electronics into your puppetry designs, soft sculpture, and more. In this exciting and interactive online class, you will have the opportunity to explore and create working circuits through hands on projects. Students will be provided with and learn to use conductive thread, conductive tape, and conductive fabric.

During the series students will make a series of craft tools to help troubleshoot problems and 4 puppets: light up eyes, piranha plant rod puppet, mermaid in a jar toy theatre, and a light up Harry Potter sorting hat hand puppet. Students will need to purchase a materials kit that will include all the electronics and fabric supplies necessary to complete all the class projects. Basic crafting staples (glue, scotch tape, paper) and tools (pencils, scissors, sewing rulers) will need to be provided by the students.

Each project can be taken on it’s own but some will start and hour early to cover basic circuit knowledge. Visit our registration page to see all the options.

All pertinent skills to complete the projects will be taught and previous experience in electronic or puppet making is not required. However, this class should be thought of as intermediate in level. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Course Class List:

  • Class 1 and 2- Basic Circuits/Hand Puppet- April 15/22 or May 27/June3

        1) Let’s learn circuitry! - What is a circuit and how does it work? We will make sample circuits and creative tools for checking  our circuitry work and will be using conductive tape.
       2) How to thread a needle. Light up Hand Puppet- We will learn basic hand sewing with conductive thread. 

  • Class 3- Piranha Plant Rod Puppet- April 29 or June 10. (Utilizes conductive tape and thread)

  • Class 4- Mermaid in a Jar Toy Theatre- May 6 or June 17. (Utilizes conductive tape and thread)

  • Class 5 and 6  Harry Potter Sorting Hat Mouth Puppet- May 13/20 or  June 24/July 1.

          5) & 6) Students will start making a sorting hat hand puppet that lights up in 4 colors.


Light Up Hand Puppet


Piranha Plant Rod Puppet


Mermaid in a Jar Toy Theatre

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