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Connor Asher/Creventive Studios
Scene 1: "70's Beach Teens" Video

Creventive is an arts & entertainment company, founded by: Connor Asher, located in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in Concept/Design, Puppets, Costumes, Animatronics, Masks, Makeup/Prosthetics, and more!

Sea Beast Puppet Company
Scene 2: "Meet the chief, meet the town"
Scene 5: "Two old dudes on a boat"
Scene 6.5: "Human autopsy"
Scene 7.6: "Night boat"
Scene 9: "Quint's world"
Scene 10: "Chummy"

Sea Beast Puppet Company tonight consists of Kat Pleviak, Mary Kate Jenkins and Jill Frederickson. They're excited to bring you the very best paper, markers and Garage Band can produce. They want to thank everyone who was involved in this slam in any way from the cast to the crew to the audience. Thank you so much! Want to know more about them, like the cool shows they have to offer or what they look like? Tool around this website. After all, it is theirs.

Katie Correll
Scene 3: "Who Gets Eaten?"

K80 lives in the space between Art and Science, designing puppetry and animatronics for Universal Parks and Attrackions worldwide. She'd love to give you more detail, but then she'd have to kill you.

Marc Dunworth
Scene 4: “Panic in City Hall”

From building Disney parade characters, touring the Pacific Northwest with a bilingual Spanish puppet show, to performing marionette variety for children's birthday parties, Marc Dunworth has had a wild and woolly career in puppetry. With over 10 years of experience, Marc created The Dunworth Puppets in 2013 to provide creative and quality entertainment that tours to where ever your location might be. Currently, he resides in Chicago, IL, where he saw his first live puppet show when he was only 6 years old. Currently, Mr. Dunworth is touring his hit circus themed marionette variety show, "Here Comes the Circus!" to a preschool, library, birthday party near YOU!

Christine Schisano
Scene 4.5: "What is a shark?" Video

Christine Schisano is an actor, writer, director, puppeteer and producer in NYC. She was one of the Emerging Artists at this year's Eugene O'Neill National Puppetry Conference and had the chance to work developing her new show The Gilded Parable. Some favorite credits include: Sallie Mae: Loan Me Your Soul (Writer and performer; The Tank); Jim Kroupa’s The Howdy Do Show at the Eugene O’Neill Puppetry Conference; Fast &The Furious #1-4 at The Tank; Dear Tina: I’m Wearing a Wig (Writer and performer; The Tank), Puppet Playlist #19: Michael Jackson, #21: Dolly Parton, #23: Beyonce, Shakedown’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Promises, Promises (Turkey Lurkey Girl), The Completely True, Tales of Boris the Peacock at St. Ann’s Warehouse Puppet Lab, and Le Bijou Lady at La MaMa Puppet Slam. She holds a B.A. in Acting from Sonoma State University.

Brodrick Jones
Scene 7: “We got one!”

Brodrick Jones is a writer and puppeteer whose shouty solo show Ubu Faust has been amusing and/or bemusing audiences all around the world. He also occasionally remembers to draw monsters and robots. Jonesy doesn't swim. But not because of sharks. He just doesn't like swimming.

Alison Farajpanahi
Scene 7.4: "Sharktopsy"

Alison Farajpanahi is proud to be a part of this slam as she is a huge fan of Sea Beast.  She has worked with several puppet and theatre companies around the Chicagoland area, including Sea Beast.  After a hiatus, she is very excited to be performing again and can't wait to see you all there!

Mike Speller
Scene 7.8: "The Shark is Huge"

Mike Speller began his professional acting career educating kids for CLIMB Theatre (MN), acting with Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre (WI), then opening Walt Disney World’s Adventurers Club (FL). His Chicagoland credits include Timeline, City Lit, Lifeline, New World Rep, Spartan, and Mary-Arrchie companies. And this year, he’s celebrating his 20th year as part of The Mystery Shop’s versatile ensemble.

Jonathan Pitts
Scene 8: "Psych!"

Jonathan Pitts is an award winning international theatre artist from Chicago. He's a creator, director, improviser, performer, producer, and teacher. He co-founded the Chicago Improv Festival and produced it for 20 years. He also created and produced the College Improv Tournament for 10 years and he created and produced the Chicago Podcast Festival or the last 2 years. He taught improv at The Second City for 16 years and he's a contributing writer to The Second City's book on improvisation. For 3 consecutive years he was selected by New City magazine as one of "Chicago's Top 50 Theatre Players". He's performed in over 1,200 improvised shows.

Jenny Hann
Scene 11: "Wanna See Something Permanent?"

Jenny Hann is an actor, puppeteer, and teaching artist. Before making NYC her home, Jenny performed and taught drama for children internationally in Hong Kong and Italy. She currently puppeteers professionally with WonderSpark Puppets and teaches puppet courses in Upper Manhattan. Some puppetry credits include; The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told (Off-Broadway), Patches (La MaMA Puppet Slam), The Completely True, Tales of Boris the Peacock at St Ann's Warehouse (Randy Ginsburg), Howdy Do Show at The Eugene O'Neill Puppetry Conference (James Kroupa). She took part in the inaugural Catapult Festival Intensive at the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival in January. Jenny is super excited to be performing in this awesome slam, especially since she dragged her adoring husband along for the ride!  

Angry Young Men, Ltd
Scene 12: "Fixing the Boat"
Scene 13: "Time for the Cage"
Scene 14: "White Sharks Can't Jump"

Angry Young Men Ltd is a stagger of puppeteers. They've been around since 2007. They are from Milwaukee (Wisconsin, eh?). AYMLtd can probably drink your puppet troupe under the table. They have strong opinions about running zombies (i.e. that they suck). They would call themselves "Imagineers", but they'd probably get sued by Disney.

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