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Chicago International Puppetry Festival

January 17th,18th and 19th, Chicago, IL


Sea Beast has been invited by 2 different venues to perform at the Chicago International Puppetry Festival! Chicago will be home to a host of puppeteers and performances January 14th-25th.


Here's where we will be!

January 17th at the Field Museum at their open puppetry event.

January 18th and 19th at Links Hall for the 7:30 shows.


and our puppets are featured as part of the Art Institute's exhibit "Puppets"

Sea Beast in Iowa
February 13th and 14th, 2014 in West Liberty, IA


Sea Beast is so very excited to be invited by Eulenspiegel Puppets to come and perform for their Puppets and Pastries event in West Liberty, Iowa.
Check it out here





Sea Beast looking for a Marketing Intern

Glen Ellyn, IL



We're currently looking for a Marketing Intern here at Sea Beast.
Check out the page for more info.
Click here!





Sea Beast at the Puppet Showplace in MA.

October 15th-16th, 2014 in Brookline, MA


We're back from our latest excursion to Brookline, MA to perform at the Puppet Showplace Theatre. We worked super hard to revamp our "Little Red Rosie" show and got to perform several times over the weekend. We also stayed with puppet legend extraordinaire Paul Vincent Davis and got to hear some great puppetry anecdotes from an old pro. We're happy to be back home, though Brookline was beautiful and we hope to visit again soon!


Sea Beast's First Ever Micro Slam!

September 10th, 2014, 8pm in Wheaton, IL


This past September Sea Beast tried a little experiment we're calling a "micro slam." We designed the slam to involve both live, video and Skyped puppet pieces as well as interactive games that are set up in a small space (this time in Kat's house) and groups of people pass through seeing each piece and playing the games together. It was a hit! We'll be doing another one sometime next year, so keep a look out!

Let the Wookiee Win!

August 16th, 8pm, Elastic Arts Foundation, 2830 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL


Sea Beast would like to thank all the amazing people who were involved with our slam "Let the Wookiee Win!" There were Star Wars puppets galore, a wookiee cake, ewoks and all sorts of fun. Check back for our next slam!


Motor City Puppet Blast!

We're back from the Blast in Detroit Rock City.



Sea Beast had a fantastic time in Detriot at the Puppet Blast. We got to perform our show "Vache Garou," visit with some of our puppet friends from across the country, and see some amazing puppet shows! Check out the facebook page for more info on the festival.

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