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Sea Beast Christmas Cards

Mele Kalikimaka

Happy Holidays from Sea Beast in 2016, and don't shake your presents!

A Sugar Plum Wish

Sea Beast wishes you the happiest of holidays in 2015 and hopes that all your dreams come true.

A Doomsday Christmas

The end is near...Happy Holidays!

What's in the Box?

Happy Holidays from Sea Beast in 2012, we hope you get a big box of joy!

A Penny Puppet Snow Day

Our very first Christmas card video. Enjoy the tiniest of snow days!

Sea Beast Shorts and Promotional Videos

Best Day Ever

One of our very favorite puppet slam pieces.

Join the PofA!

Our promotional video reminder to renew your membership to the Puppeteers of America.

Hold Onto Your Butts!

The promo video for our Jurassic Park puppet slam.

First Kiss

Sea Beast's adorable take on one of life's "firsts."

Puppet Meltdown Promo

The promotional video for our very first puppet slam, Puppet Meltdown.

Web Series

Dinosaurs at the Office: Lunch

Bob and Phil take a lunch break.

Dinosaurs at the Office: Karaoke

Bob discovers the dire consequences of karaoke. (rated PG13)

Dinosaurs at the Office: Makin' Copies

Cooler talk at the copy machine.

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