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Puppetry is for Adults: A Workshop on How to Create your own Puppet Performance!

(ages 18+)


When: Saturday, Sept 12th

Time: 1PM-10PM

Where: 160 S. Water St. Batavia, IL 60510


Puppetry is not just for kids. All across the country “puppet slams” are happening... What is a puppet slam? It is a

late night cabaret of short works of puppetry created specifically for adults to enjoy. During the course of this

day-long workshop participants will conceive a 1-3 minute puppet piece, create mechanically accurate puppets,

and perform their work at the end of the night at the “Puppet Meltdown Pop-Up Puppet Slam”! Does this sound like fun? You bet it does!


This workshop is designed for both beginner and experienced artists as well as writers, performers, and designers. The highly skilled staff of Sea Beast Puppet Company have been running and performing in puppet slams for the past 5 years and will lead participants through the process of creating a slam piece from start to finish. There will be instruction provided on writing, building, directing and performing your piece. We will also provide you with places you can submit your finished piece for future performance opportunities and connect you with the national slam community. We want everyone to see your work! Your workshop fee covers the daytime workshop, all the materials you need to create your puppets, dinner, and a performance slot in the slam. We hope to see you there.


Register HERE!

Cost: $75 for members of Water Street Studios, $85 for non members


**Additional materials: Students are not required but are encouraged to bring any of the following: laptops, tablets, flash drives, mp3 players, portable speakers. You may want to use these items for writing, sketching, research, or to find music for their pieces.




Come to our puppet slam workshop on Sept. 12th

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