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Puppetry Master Class:

Creating a Show

Course Length: 6 classes

Session 1 Dates: Saturday 3pm -5pm CT,  April 17th - May 22nd 2021

Session 1 Dates: Saturday 3pm -5pm CT, May 29th - July 3rd 2021

Ages: 15+

Price: Full Course- $150 (If there are multiple members of your household participating register together to receive a 30% discount for each additional person. It will show up on your bill as the sibling discount.)

Producing a puppet show can quickly become overwhelming and sometimes seem impossible. So what do we do when things are hard? We practice! That is why we have developed this class to help guide you through the entire process of production development from the first kernel of an idea to performing your piece for an audience. 

Over 6 weeks each participant will conceive, design, build, rehearse and perform a 1-5 minute puppet show of their own creation. Together we will support each other in honing our individual skills of resource assessment, time management, and creative problem solving. Sound fancy and professional? It is. These are the core skills we all need to develop to be successful in the arts. The current pandemic is forcing us to learn to share our art in new ways with new technology. This class will help you create something made specifically to be performed live over the internet. At the end of this class resources will be provided as to where you can find other opportunities to perform your work beyond the class.  


This class is ideal for students high school ages and up. While puppetry experience is not specifically required, we will not be teaching specific building or performance techniques. Students are expected to have a base knowledge of how to build and perform in at least one form of puppetry or have enough bravery to dive in head first. Did I hear one of you say “finger puppet opera?"  Heck yeah!  If you are unsure about your experience level, send us a message. We would be glad to help you figure out if this class is right for you. 



Materials and Tools:

You will need materials to build your show but it does not need to be expensive.


Sea Beast has presented this class twice at the Puppeteers of America National Puppetry Festival as a Pre-Con Intensive, as well as at the University of Hawaii, Benedictine University, and Water Street Studios in West Chicago. 

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