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Artistic Director Kat Pleviak:
Experience and Skills

Experienced with a wide range of tools and skills 


Materials and Tools

Many of the materials and tools you will need are items often found around the house or can be acquired at a local dollar store. Art will be provided by downloadable pdf for each class as needed.

Sample Materials List (an exact list will be provided based on the classes selected at time of purchase)

Puppet Making Supplies:

  • PDF (provided by class)

  • black poster board or cereal boxes

  • bamboo skewers or stiff wire (like a wire coat hanger)

  • brads (paper fasteners)

  • craft wire

  • glue sticks or spray glue or clear scotch tape

  • masking tape

  • duct tape or gaff tape

  • transparency sheets


  • Xacto knife and replacement blades

  • cutting mat

  • needle nose pliers/wire cutters

  • hole punch

  • paper scissors

  • sharpie

  • pin or needle

  • glue gun or stapler

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