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Sea Beast Puppet Meltdown Presents:

The Spooky Slam!

Jill Frederickson (Little Puppet Company) "TBD"

Jill grew up in Michigan and attended Cranbrook Kingswood where she began her art addiction.  She has a Bachelors of Art in European History from Northwestern University and also studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jill currently is a member of Seabeast Puppet Company and runs the Little Puppet Company.  She has been creating masks and puppets professionally for almost 25 years.  She has been a voiceover actor since 2003. Additionally, Jill has worked in a variety of industries including dental insurance, real estate, film (yes, she has an IMDB listing), renaissance faires and theater. She has lived in Michigan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Taos, New Mexico and currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jill is married to the wonderful writer and performer Eric Frederickson.

pumpkin program.002.jpeg
Kevin Hogan (Simple is Good Productions) "I'm Holding You"

Kevin Hogan is a Chicago based puppeteer and director. Bringing over seven years of stand-up, sketch, and improv experience, Kevin's comedy reflects on human condition: from childhood triumphs & let-downs to navigating a stunted adulthood. Kevin has trained at io Chicago, Second City Chicago, and Annoyance NY. As a stand-up, Kevin has performed all over the Midwest, New England, and the Pacific Northwest. He's puppetry has been featured in Chicago puppet slams and Gem-Con. On the off time Kevin is not trying to take over the world, he enjoys making puppets, playing Dungeons & Dragons, going on life adventures with his wife, and planning his next show.

pumpkin program.003.jpeg
Mary Kate Jenkins “Annie's Tale”

Mary Kate Jenkins is a Chicago area freelance puppet builder and puppeteer with a BFA in Drama from New York University's Experimental Theatre Wing. She has worked with several New York area production companies such as Basil Twist and Encyclopedia Pictura, where she worked on Bjork's music video for "Wanderlust." Props Design credits include “Buddy Holly” at Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace, “Sylvia” at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center, and “Iolanthe” at Light Opera Works. Her television puppetry credits include puppeteering for the children's eco-based television pilot "Mr. Furry Fur Fur and His Friendly Earth Friends." She currently works as a founding member of Sea Beast Puppet Company.

pumpkin program.004.jpeg
Dana Kogan "Doctor Rita's Free Health Advice"

Dana Kogan is a board certified family nurse practitioner who loves making good health feel not-so-scary. She is grateful to Sam L. for helping bring Dr Rita to life and for Kevin for never letting her give up on her (day)dreams.

pumpkin program.005.jpeg
Maya Keytar

Maya Keytar, sometimes known as Maya Kuper, is a songstress from Chicago by way of small-town Iowa. She's known for her emotive vocals, poetic lyrics, expressive melodies, and totally kick-ass keytar. She also sells smiles for a living. Here, you can have one for free. It looks good on you.

Set List

Set 1:

- Strange Things Happen To Me All The Time (by Pat McCurdy)

- Auntie Purple’s House (by Pat McCurdy)

- Jack-o’-Lantern (original)


Set 2:

- The One I Miss The Most (original)

- Extra-Terrestrial (by Katy Perry)

- How to Score (original)

pumpkin program.006.jpeg
Sea Beast Puppet Company "Tailypo"

Sea Beast Puppet Company tonight consists of Kat Pleviak, Mary Kate Jenkins and Jill Frederickson. They're excited to bring you the very best paper, markers and Garage Band can produce. They want to thank everyone who was involved in this slam in any way from the cast to the crew to the audience. Thank you so much! Want to know more about them, like the cool shows they have to offer or what they look like? Tool around this website. After all, it is theirs.

pumpkin program.007.jpeg
Mike Speller

Mike Speller is always “Going Places” (he’s visited 49 of our 50 states) and he’s shared stories at quite a few events as well--the LaCrosse, Fox Valley, and Ray Bradbury Festivals, among others. Locally, he’s performed with This Much is True, Voice Box, and Homewood Stories. His collection of gothic horror stories, “Fear Itself” and "The Wendigo," has frightened hundreds of fans at fringe festivals across the nation.  Mike is always happy to share a good scare...

pumpkin program.008.jpeg
Amie Whittmore "The Bat Story"

Amie Whittemore is an accomplished poet and dreamer who enjoys romantic trysts into the performing arts. Amie has just published her first book “Glass Harvest” and hopes you enjoy her new book as much as you enjoy her debut feature film “The Bat”. Visit her site and buy her book.

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