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Come see Puppet Meltdown at Gen Con Online and check out our assortment of classes!

Cthulhu Waits in the Shadows… Detailed Cutting for Shadow Puppets, Age 13+

Saturday 8/1 at 2pm EST

Bigfoot, Nessy & Other Real Creatures: Constructing a Multipart Shadow Puppet Age 13+ 

Thursday 7/30 at 7pm EST

Saturday 8/1 at 7pm EST    

Fantastic Puppets and How to Build Them...With Your Kids! Age 4+ 

Thursday 7/30 at 2pm ET                                        

Sunday 8/2 at 2pm ET

Double Down on Yourself…. Self Care for the Gamer's (or Puppeteers) Body Age 13+ 

Friday 7/31 at 11am EST      

Saturday 8/1 at 11am EST

Sunday 8/2 at 11am EST  

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