National Puppetry Festival Day 5

whew. Sorry for the delay in posting. There was…an insect incident that rendered me unable to hang out in the dorm room for too long. But, we’re back and I’m ready to finish the Conference Chronicles!

Today we cast the second part of our molds in class. mine was still looking pretty good. We had to dig our sculpts out of the WED clay and then pour more plaster over the top.

We saw a show in the wayang kulit style of puppetry from Java, which involves many colorful puppets made out of transparent water buffalo hide and painted with watercolors. The black twisty handles are made from bamboo. The show was all about the Civil Rights struggle in America in the 40’s and was beautiful.

We also had a chance to visit the Puppet Gallery, where people from all over the world can send their puppets to be displayed for the duration of the festival. We knew quite a few of the creators in the exhibit.

We had the chance to take a photo with some of our friends at the gallery.

And that was Day 5!

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