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Little Red Rosie and the Dragon of Dümm

For those of you not in the know, Sea Beast just finished our 3rd touring main stage production "Little Red Rosie and the Dragon of Dümm." We premiered at the Indian Trails Public Library on October 25th to a very receptive audience and the show went well.

Fun Fact: There are almost 100 individual puppets in the show.

The backgrounds and curtains for the set were all either painstakingly painted, sewn together or glued (most of them include all 3!) The puppets are all made from layers of cardstock printed on the computer and mounted onto layers of foamcore. We then arranged all the mechanics and inserted rods into all of the puppets. All of the main characters have some sort of moving part.

Fun Fact: the three founding members of Sea Beast (Kat, Tom and MK) collaborated on the script together.

It was a long build process and while we had fun, we're glad it's over so that we can move on to the next batch of projects!

Fun Fact: Little Red Rosie includes Sea Beast's largest puppet, a giant mechanical dragon that is over 6ft high and over 5 ft long!

That's all from us at Sea Beast for now, we'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the comings and goings here in the studio!

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