Sea Beast is very lucky to have a great deal of support from all manner of people including friends, family, artists, musicians, fellow puppeteers and patrons of the arts. We would like to take a moment to say “Thank you” to all the people who are helping to make our dreams a reality.

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Amie Whittemore

Claire Podulka

Katherine Majewski

Richard Ranallo

Chris Weiher

Rikki Hickey

Cheryl Whittemore

Joanne Sanders

Matthew Arata

Tammy Condon

Jack Gilligan

Gail Gilligan

Robert Zemar

Julie Podulka

Don Moore

Fred Putz

Nathan Tompkins

Ann Legunn

David Griffith

Nicolle F. Jaska


Kelly Morales

Joey Zeller


Jerri Rix

Christine Dettmann

Bill Leaton


Lindsey Briggs

Shari Aronson

Steve Mark

Anonymous (19 people)

Alfies Restaurant


Jason Kingsley

Means of Production


Joe and Theresa Tristion

Linea Salon


Susan Clark

Graphic Chemical and Ink

Kickstarter Supporters


Current Collaborators


Char Pleviak

John Pleviak

Claire Podulka

Juile Podulka

Alex Hogan

Daphnie Valasquez

Maggie OK


Erin Krause

Brian Toon

Janice Del Negro

Dave Herzog

Allyson Gonzalez

Jessica Simon

The Chicago Puppetry Guild

The Puppeteers of America





Thank you for your help in growing our company.


Michelle Miller

Chris Szostek

Erin Krause

Erik Tylkowski

Joanna Iwanicka

Matt Laird

Stephen Lieto

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Fern Lerwick

Fern Lerwick is a traditional musician in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Fern explores the roots of the traditional music of Northern Europe through the Piobh Mhor (Great Pipes) also Small Pipes, Whistle, Voice, and more. As a solo piper Fern expresses her love for the Great Bagpipe through her passionate playing of traditional pipe tunes from Scotland, Ireland, France and Spain. Fern currently plays for country dancers and for shows and fand festivals.

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